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Meet John Newstreet

John Newstreet is a veteran, a conservative and a leader. He brings a career of service as a business, community, and veterans advocate.


John, a native Floridian, grew up in a family of ten – and sometimes eleven children! The Newstreets were also a foster family. Learning to navigate nine siblings and sharing primarily one bathroom is one reason why John has been successful professionally at bringing people together for a common goal.


John served in the U.S. Coast Guard, graduated from the University of Central Florida and worked as a financial planner before being called back into service as the Florida director of the American Legion.  Read More

John’s Priorities for a Stronger Central Florida

  • Grow Jobs and the Economy.
  • Keep Taxes Low and Reduce Job-killing Regulations.
  • Support Law Enforcement’s ability to Fight Crime and Illegal Immigration.
  • Strengthen Schools and Reduce Unnecessary Testing.
  • Defend Time-Honored Values and 2nd Amendment Rights.

John is a Conservative Republican Who Believes in:

  • Limited Government.
  • Responsible Budgeting.
  • Free Market Capitalism.
  • Secure Borders and No Sanctuary Cities.
  • Parental Choice in Education.
  • 2nd Amendment Rights.
  • “Originalist” Judges Who Apply the Law, Not Legislate From the Bench
  • The Sanctity of Life